art by me
I have an extremely good sense of humor. Don't believe me? Listen to a few testimonies:

     "her sense of.... oh is that what she calls it?"
     - my mom

     "oh yeah... she's funny...I'd like to get my hands on... do you know how i could find
     - my grandma

     "well, this one time she made a joke about me, (pause) and...I had to go for some
     extensive therapy afterwards, they put me on prozac and valium...but I guess it was
     - Scooter (a kid I kept at camp one year when I was a counselor)

OK, so here are some things that I think are funny:

Saturday Night Live
Something About Mary
American Pie

when people fall down
making fun of stuff and other people
complaining (the funny kind)
bodily functions
cuss words
old people
stuff that offends people

Stuff that I think is NOT so funny:

Leslie Neilson movies
when I fall down
forwarded jokes (email)
complaining (the whiney kind)
old people driving
bodily functions that cause my eyes to burn
when people tell jokes that aren't funny and everybody laughs but me

Links to Funny Stuff

My Rants page
Hear me endlessly ranting about crap that annoys me.

The wake up crew's WIERD LINKS page
This is some funny stuff. Check it out!

The ODDZ trailer park and Odditorium

Search for wierd stuff on Ebay. Some suggestions: poop, crap, underwear, spit, etc... I found some fossilized dinosaur crap that will complete my collection of fossilized dookie
Although the main site is not all that particularly funny, my favorite is the Internet search voyeur. You can look at stuff people are typing in to search, mostly "naked pictures" or "porn" but every once in a while you get "3 legged European goat racing" or "topless shemale baton twirling" and that makes it all worth while!

Comedy Central

I just think this show is funny. I like it when the guy put the snake up his nose and it came out his that was classic! Also, I want to see someone eat a tree, so everybody email them and ask for it!

Landover Baptist Church
AMEN brother! This is a hilarious parody site.