The Greatest Links Ever

....well they're pretty darn funny

DISTURBING AUCTIONS Probably THE funniest website on the net. If you've ever been on ebay and been tempted to place a bid on that

"God bless our truckers" painting:
or that .... uhm... whatever it is:

then you HAVE to visit this website.

OK, here is a slightly disturbing website. It's the website of Peter Pan ...or a very scary, very feminine man who dresses like him every single day (right down to the tights). So visit his website, if you have the guts. Be sure you are sitting down first.

Mullets Galore is a fine, fine site that is just full of mullet-info. Don't know what a mullet is? Not quite sure how to classify that mullet you saw at the dollar store? Want to see pictures of some great mullets? Then Mullets Galore is the place to be.