So, you wanna know about me.

Well there's not too much to tell, plus I don't like talking about myself. I am and have been a senior, Biology major/Theater minor at The University of Tennessee. I enjoy going to concerts, playing guitar, watching College football, computer stuff, internet, sleeping, napping, eating. My dislikes are not sleeping, not eating, exercise, working too hard, studying, class at 8am, tea, steak, pickles and watermelon :).

I currently have 2 jobs, 1. a computer helpdesk specialist and rna supervisor. Yes that is a glorified way of saying I answer the phone calls from the students and faculty with computer problems and help them solve them 57% of the time. The RNA supervisor part means that I oversee a couple of guys (RNA's *Residential Network Assistants) who go out and hook up the students' ethernet cards in the dorms. 2. My other job is I am an ER Tech at a hospital.
I really don't have any career oriented goals, I just want to be happy. I enjoy Biology, and I enjoy computers (sorta) and I enjoy theater, so where ever the wind takes me I look forward to it! I guess that's it for me. Thanks for taking time out of your day to find out about me, now go find out about yourself.